Creepy Cuties


This book makes a great gift for anyone with a dark and morbid sense of humor. Love Kawaii stuff, then this book is for you. Designed with a pastel goth style in mind, but make it your own and bring the scene to life with some color! Pages filled with a great collection of 20 different cute and creepy characters. The illustrations are a perfect combination of occult gothic/halloween horror and Japanese Harajuku aesthetic inspired kawaii style. The pages in this book will stimulate your imagination and help you escape the daily grind. Enjoy hours of entertainment as Happy Little Hexes presents, Creepy Cuties!

  • 20 unique coloring pages, no repeat
  • Single sided print to prevent bleed through
  • Pure white paper
  • Large sized 8.5 x 11 inch pages
  • High-resolution printing for crisp and clear image
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